Taylor Industries, Ltd. (In Liquidation)
P.O. Box N-4806, Nassau, Bahamas
Official Liquidator
Andrew Davies
Contact: andrew.davies@crowe.bs

Be advised that Taylor Industries, Limited (“TIL” or “the Company”) was placed in Voluntary Liquidation effective January 8, 2019. Andrew Davies of Crowe Bahamas was appointed Voluntary Liquidator (the “Liquidator”) on this date. On February 8, 2019 the Liquidator filed a petition in the Supreme Court for a Supervision Order that the liquidation of the Company continue under the supervision of the Court. An Order (the “Court Order”) was granted by the Supreme Court that the liquidation of the Company be continued under the supervision of the Court and that Andrew Davies be appointed Official Liquidator of the Company.

As per the terms off the Court Order, the Official Liquidator has been authorized to dispense with the formal requirements as to the manner and conduct of future Creditors meetings including the requisite advertisement of such meetings and that all further notices and reports of the Liquidation of the Company and these proceedings may be posted on the Company’s website.