Taylor Industries Ltd.
212 Shirley Steet, P.O. Box N-4806, Nassau, Bahamas
Customer Services:
Tel: (242) 322-8941/5
Fax: (242) 328-0453


Taylor Industries can do anything from changing a light bulb to complete electrical wiring for your home or business. We do home appliance installations as well as service upgrades. We work with BEC in getting your electrical applications approved. We also do contract work for larger jobs and Family Island work.

The $150.00 Service Deposit

This deposit covers the cost of a service crew to diagnose problems with your electrical supply and/or appliances, including minor repairs and traveling time. It may become necessary for you to pay an additional deposit before repairs of a more serious nature can be carried out.

Any unused balance of the deposit will be refunded upon completion of the service call.

Customers wishing to pay for a service call with a credit card may do so over the phone.


If a service call is cancelled before the service technician receives the work order there will be no charges to the customer. However should the service technician have already left to do the service call at the time of cancellation you will be billed the minimum service charge of one (1) hour.

Appliance Installation

We offer free delivery of major appliances where installations are not required. There is an additional charge of $35.00 when we are requested to either dump or redeliver the old appliance for the customer.

When a customer requests delivery and installation where there is electrical or refrigeration work required then the customer will be billed for the work done either through a Taylor Industries Charge Account, Credit Card or pre-payment deposit. Should the customer request that we dump the old unit then the removal fee will be included within the servicemen’s timesheet.

Quotes and Installation of Split Systems

Costs to install split systems vary with every install and it is not possible for us to give you a price for an installation over the counter. A qualified technician from Taylor Industries will be happy to provide free cost estimates to customers wanting to know the actual cost to install one or more split systems in their home or business. Prices on estimates give to customers are valid for a period of ten (10) days only. A deposit is required before any work can be done and is based on the amount of work to be done.

Masonry / Carpentry Work

When appliance installation requires a mason or carpentry services at least one day's notice will be needed to coordinate the contractor and the service technician. The contractor’s charges will be billed through Taylor Industries Limited. However the customer is welcome to use the contractor of their choice. Taylor Industries Limited will not be responsible for work performed by contractors provided by the customer.