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Warranties - Avanti

Avanti appliances are guaranteed by Taylor Industries Limited provided they are used for domestic purposes. Domestic product failure caused by commercial use voids the warranty. There is a one (1) year warranty on all parts and labour starting from the date of purchase (Not Installation). You are therefore responsible for paying the freight and duty of the replacement parts only. However should the appliance fail within the first three (3) months there are no charges.

Should a major appliance be incorrectly installed or connected by others resulting in damage, it will not be covered by the warranty. Damages caused by brown outs, surges, or outages from BEC, standby generators, lightning, fire, flooding or other external forces are, likewise, not covered by the warranty.

Customers should be aware that we do not stock parts for special order units. Customers will be responsible for all replacement parts and installation charges, including freight and duty, for all repairs done outside of the warranty period.

Family Island customers should be aware that the warranty covers parts only and does not allow for freight charges, air fares, transport and accommodations for service men traveling to the islands to carry out installations or repairs.