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Warranties - Small Appliances

We are pleased to extend to you a limited ninety (90) day warranty on the item(s) that you have purchased.

This warranty is for the repair of the item(s) only and not the replacement except at the discretion of Taylor Industries Limited. Please check with your sales representative at the time of purchase to see if your item(s) is covered.

This warranty is valid only with your original invoice and is void if the item(s) are used for commercial purposes. CD’s, DVD’s and voltage regulators are not covered under warranty.

Note: Irons

Normal city tap water contains rust and other minerals that will damage your iron. Taylor Industries recommends using bottled water only, to prevent the inside of the iron from rusting.

Always empty your iron when not in use. Water left in the iron will cause it to rust. Taylor Industries will not warranty your purchase should this occur.